justice served

by Below The Bottom

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sebastien munuera
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sebastien munuera Amazing band from greece, cool people and raw stuff, support one hundred % Favorite track: Proliferate.
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released May 25, 2016

produced mixed and mastered by Kostas Raptakis
bass guitar by Harris Baltsiavias



all rights reserved


Below The Bottom Greece


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Track Name: In our Hearts
there is a flame, burning in our heart
so keep in mind, we're not giving up

time to focus, realise,
what we have, is worth the fight

burning in our hearts
speaking to our souls
two words like one
Track Name: Proliferate
the time has come, to step out of the line
take control of what we call our lives
we have been deceived but that's ok
claiming what we lost, we'll prevail

this music, and these words
will oppose -fuckers like you
do not think it's a mere game
more like an experience of pain

words come out easy but actions still lack
why the fuck is that i can't understand
true passion died, you fucking judge and rate
and your kind just continues to proliferate

we will never,
let the hate get to us and stop
we will never,
accept the sick way of life that is yours
we will never,
step back in line, get contained
we will always,
stay true to our heart and cause
Track Name: Undeserving
heard you many times, said many words
but always no deeds
keep your ideals and your beliefs
we're no kids playing cops and thieves

i've got my mind in my head
fuck them all, they're all dead
wrong role you chose to stand for
no need for you to pretend

no leaders, we stand as one, and we walk alone
one soul one crew, as it has been known

i've got my mind in my head
fucK them all, they're all dead
wrong role you chose to stand for
no need for you to pretend

you speak like you walk the street
but we don't think your ideals fit
friendship, unity, solidarity, try and make these words reality

undeserving you are nothing to me, just a fucking disgrace

step aside, and keep your crap
don't speak to me
we don't give a fuck
told ya we don't play
you're not so "hardcore" anyway
Track Name: Inevitable Defeat
chemical prophets, million dollar business
barefaced dealers, white deathbringers
in the name of money you fuck up million lives
yet you pay nothing for your fucking crimes

you should just, rot in hell
though things won't change at all
even when you are gone
ten others will take your place

there's no hope, for us to survive
there's no real hope, for us to stay alive

there's no hope, for us to survive
there's no real hope, for us to stay alive
deal this death to me, i'll buy
the more i suffer, the less it matters
Track Name: Severance
still moving in circles, still avoiding me
stop pointing fingers, stop blaming me
you can't always be right
about everything

so i'm out of here, once and for all
i'm out of here, got so fucking bored
do you think I'm faking
hate's what I feel
it has taken over, my poisoned soul

living without pride
being fake all this time

it seems that this place is just holding me down
i'm another stranger, standing in the crowd
do yourself a favor and go ahead and drown
i will never forgive you, nor i will forget
Track Name: Constraint
all is said, and all is done
so why the fuck, do you speak up

my only wish,is for me, to shut your fucking mouth

after everything you've done, fucking coward, we had enough

is this what you call liberty?
seems more than slavery to me
and I know what awaits me
for speaking this goddamn truth

what we need's a new beggining
and you purged, from this world
do you think, you will make it
when people see through your lies

judgement's awaiting
highest price is always paid
society is ready to explode
Track Name: UCHC
ugly city hardcore
2k and *****
are you fucking ready
cause this is it

a fucked up place
living hell
a shithole of junkies that crackwhores bred
unempleyed white trash
no hope for the weak
no hope for us

abolished once,now we're back
our dreams never fading
a setback's not enough
it's time to seek justice
get the ultimate revenge

avengement's coming in this ugly city
our heart is black,and we dont give a fuck
hate the city,burn this place
so we can't see your fuckin face

bad years, and harsh times
is all we've ever known
in this fucking place we
were unlucky to grow

open your fucking ears
embrace what you're going to hear
we are breathing borrowed air
either die in hope,or live in despair
Track Name: Seed of Corruption
corruption is reality, justice is a lie
i cannot trust and i will not believe
those promises that seem so real
because i know what lies behind your fake smile

your words cannot be trusted
your deeds are all fake
your greed has taken over what you want to call your soul

you can realise (this) and make things right
else deep inside a seed will rise
seed of hate and strong beliefs
we cannot lose, you cannot win

you cannot save me, you have betrayed me
that's not okay, now is to late
my eyes are open, i see your fucking lies
there's no escape, face the outcome

promises, that you'll never keep
misdirecting your opposition
the essence of a true politician
being a liar, and a filthy pig